Repairs & Installations

Repairing Backflow Devices

  • If for some reason your backflow assembly does not pass it’s initial test

    our first instinct is to repair the device. Some other companies might try to sell you into needing the valve to be replaced and most of the time this is not needed. When a Backflow valve fails it’s test it is normally due to worn or damaged parts as well as foreign debris that is preventing the valve for properly working.

    When we are repairing your device

    if upon opening of the valve we find foreign debris within the valve and no damage to the internal parts of the valve, we will generally flush the supply line and clean the existing parts.

    If cleaning out the valve does not fix the problem

    or if damage to the parts were noted, we will replace the old check disks, o-rings, diaphrams and springs and then again we will flush the line.

    Once completed with the rebuild

    we will retest the device at no additional charge and submit a copy of the test report to your local water utility provider for compliance.

    If for some reason the rebuild does not pass

    we will inform you of your options either being able to remove the backflow valve due to non use or replace it with a new valve in its place.